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Course Grading Policy







Students enrolled on RCST study programs are expected to meet both professional and academic standards during the terms of enrolment, including timely completion of coursework assignments. Basic information of the university's course grading systems are outline below:


Course Load

Students are encouraged to study one course at a time and progress through their Academic program at the minimum rate of one course. Individual course is designed to be completed within six (6) weeks, however, distance learning students are allowed to proceed at their own pace - student may request additional courses at one time. Research proposals may be submitted when the student has satisfactorily completed half of the program requirements for the selected program.



European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

RCST adopted the Europe-wide academic credits system called - European Credit Transfer Systems (ECTS).  To ensure that our assessment is standardised and comparable throughout Switzerland and across Europe, RCS students' performance is rated according to the ECTS system, in addition to being graded. Each course or subject within a study program carries a certain number of ECTS credits. One Credit (1 ECTS) is awarded for a workload of 30 Hours (contact time and self-study). Student is required to gain minimum 60 Credits per year. Bachelor degree graduation required successful completion of minimum Total   180 ECTS Credits; Master degree graduation required completion of Total 90 to 120 ECTS Credits (depending on the program). This corresponds to a workload of around 1,800 Hours per year.



Semester Credit Hour

RCST has adopted the generally acceptable definition of a semester credit hour -  as a guideline, one semester-credit-hour represents a total of 15 Hours per academic period or, 30 Hours of contact time and self-study - Laboratory Work for an academic semester, or 45 Hours of Practice or Internship during the same period.


Per Course Credits

Each course in a study program is assigned between 6 to 10 ECTS units including Research Proposal and Capstone Project (Thesis/Dissertation). RCST operates on a semester units system, each unit of credit represents the equivalent of 15 Hours of contacts in classroom study, plus additional outside preparation appropriate to the subject matter of the specific course offering.



Grading System

Course Grades and Evaluations are based on demonstrated mastery of academic knowledge and demonstration of research skills and professional growth. Grading will consist of Number Marks (%) and Letter Grades (A to D are Pass Grades). Additional elements of essays, problems, projects and case studies may receive either letter grades or a Pass or Fail grade from the University faculty.



Grade Points Average (GPA)

Grade Point Average is calculated by Dividing the Number of Quality Points by the Number of Units Courses Attempted.  The highest GPA is 4.0. Letter grades and symbols used in recording academic progress are listed in the Grading System table above. 


Transfered Credits (TC)

RCST accept transfer credits completed at accredited colleges and universities, such courses credits must be relevant to the studentís program of study and equivalent in both content and degree level. See Transfer Credits for more information



Course Examinations

Each course requires the student to successfully complete lesson tests, a mid-term, and a final examination. There are no re-take opportunities for exams failed within the courses. Mid-term and final exams at the Upper Undergraduate and Graduate levels consist of essay questions and/or Case Studies.



Course Repetition Policy

Students may repeat the course / subject in which they have received a substandard grade: { D, F, I } - when such repetition has taken place, the prior grade will be replaced with current grade for grade point computation



Transcripts of Permanent Records

RCST University will issue one transcript to every student upon graduation. Requests for additional transcripts must be made in writing and signed by the student. The sum of Ä50.00 plus shipping will be assessed for each replacement or additional transcript requested. Students requesting release of academic records and transcripts to employers or other groups or agencies must sign an authorization request and follow the procedures outlined therein.



Release of Student Records

At Rockfield College of Sciences student records, those pertaining to students in their capacity as students, include but are not limited to academic evaluations, transcripts, test scores and other academic records. Under the Private Data Protection Act of Zurich Canton/Switzerland, it is our policy to protect the student's right of privacy. All students have the right to inspect and review records pertaining to themselves in their capacity as students; to seek correction of their student records and to have withheld from disclosure, identifiable information from their student records. It is extremely important for each student to keep the Registrar's Office currently informed as personal data changes occur to assure that accurate and complete records are maintained.





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