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Assessment is by mixture of Exams and Assignments for each course. Performance Requirement Assignment (PRA) is designed to measure student's understanding of the materials, and to test the application of the principles learned to real-life situations. Our Course Learning Guides provide information on course learning topics, reading assignments, project-case analysis, library research, problem solving, and discussions with assigned instructors


Learning Modules

Courses offer by the university are being delivered through a Learning Module via Print or Online detailing the learning Course description, objectives, curriculum, and reading assignments. Lesson exams and a final examination are included with each course of study. Additionally, article reviews of current issues and written comprehensive exams are also included. The Comprehensive Written Examinations are comprised of one or more of the following elements: Essays, Problems, Article Reviews, Projects and/or Case Studies.


Assessment Plan 

Student to attempt ALL Performance Requirements Assignments by providing comprehensive answers to the questions using logical arguments and factual examples. Thoroughness, logic, strategy and appropriate use of course concepts are expected in your answer. Wherever necessary, include tables, graphs and diagrams in the answers.


Test / Assignment Questions:  

Students are asked to write responses to assigned questions from assigned reading and reliable materials. This is an opportunity for students to engage the material and consider how concepts might be applied in real-world situations. All responses must be in students’ own words and should be thoroughly comprehensive and insightful with appropriate factual examples


Guidelines for Written Assignments:  When you submit written work, please prepare it in Word-Processor using a format/style consistent with professional business practice. All written assignments must use APA standards; visit for some examples of proper APA citations, and The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.


Challenge Examination

Students may request the possibility of challenging a course through the completion of a Challenge Exam in the lower division courses (1000 -2000) at the undergraduate level. During the Admissions Process, it may be determined that based on the applicant’s work or professional experience he/she may challenge a course in the lower undergraduate level.

The Registrar and Academic Offices will provide the student the opportunity to successfully complete a Challenge Exam. Challenge Examinations are allowed for lower level undergraduate courses only.  Maximum of 15 credits can be awarded for successful completion of Challenge Examinations;  the Exam must be Passed with 70% mark or higher.  Failure to achieve the passing grade will result in the student receiving a Learning Module for the course. Challenge Examination will be based on the same textbook as the Learning Module.


Proctor Examination 

To ensure the security of course-examination and the integrity of matriculated student, RCS requires distance learning students to complete Final Examinations under the supervision of an Approved Proctor  - to administered the exam within the student's territory.  A Proctor is a respected and impartial individual that will monitor the exams and ensure that the student is taking and completing the exams without any outside assistance. Students are permitted to utilize any notes, Learning Modules, calculators, or other materials during the completion of Final Exams.


Approved Proctor

RCST will nominate and assigned a Proctor to administer a particular Course-Examination. Student can nominate a Proctor who is residing within his/her area of location. If RCST has a designated Examination Proctor or Centre in the same territory, the student will contact the person or centre to arrange the schedule of the examination.  Acceptable Proctors are College Professors, Tutors, Religion Leaders, Librarian, Education Officers, Counsellor, and Departmental Leaders in organizations (must not be a relative or spouse). Student may use any notes, calculators, and other reasonable learning materials during the completion of Final Exams.


Grade Reports

Instructors and Examiners will award appropriate course grades when student successfully performed the tasks and objectives indicated in Performance Requirements Assignment (e.g. Explain, Discuss, List, Critique, Describe, Defined, Analyse, Propose, Summarize, Identify, Illustrate). Student is expected to answer the questions with logical examples and familiar cases. Students are to maintain good academic grades and acceptable performance to remain on the program

When student submits exam or assignment, RCS Instructors and Examiners will assess the course-work and record appropriate grade; official grade result will be at Academic Record Office, and a copy wil be send to student. Provided appropriate Tuition Fees has been paid, the Student Services Office will process and send the next course packs including textbooks to the student. These steps are repeated until the required number of courses for the program has been satisfactorily completed.


Repeat Examination (Re-Assessment)

Failing a course will automatically require the student to retake the course-exam. Reassessments include resit examinations and re-submission of project or coursework.  If a student is required to be reassessed, according to report from the Faculty, the student  will be automatically registered for the reassessment course(s).  You will be liable for a reassessment fee per course and this fee will be applied to your RCS Student finance account.  You will receive an email informing you of the amount due, which you must pay before you will be able to enrol in further courses or graduate; see Student Fees for current fee and charges.


Graduation Requirements

Graduating student must satisfactorily complete all required courses in the program of study. All academic and financial obligations to RCST must be fulfilled before the award of Transcript and Diploma. The Administration Office will send a letter of “Program Completion” to the student; the graduating student will filled out an "Intent-to-Graduate" form and send it to RCST University Registrar for transcript and diploma preparation.






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