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Academic Thesis - Dissertation







Students of RCST Rockfield College of Sciences and Technology that has completed two-third of the total required courses of the enrolled graduate degree program can decide to start writing the Graduate Thesis and Dissertation for the chosen specialization subject in the enrolled graduate degree program. 


Academic Thesis will lead to formal definition of hypotheses and some form of hypothesis ‘testing" - this is possible through a process of data collection and analysis. Graduate Thesis is a scientific thesis written indepnedently by the student on Master and Doctoral programs - the Thesis will enable student to specialise and elaborates on the chosen subject and topic of the research


Procedures for Academic Thesis and Dissertation:


  1. Student will decide the Topic of the Thesis and Dissertation

  2. Student can create own subject in agreement with RCST Faculty as Supervisor

  3. Graduate Thesis shall closely related to the scientific field of the chosen specialiazation subject

  4. Student to submit the Dissertation Proposal by email to the Supervisor (RCST Faculty) - the Proposal will include, Title of the Thesis, Introduction, Abstract, Table of Content, List of Literature Reviews, etc

  5. Upon approval of the Proposal, the student will start writing the Content of the Dissertation. The Thesis will be about 50 - 70 pages including the cover page and full references etc

  6. Writing the thesis - dissertation is done under the supervision of RCST Professor as Supervisor

  7. Contacts between Student and Supervisor are necessary - by interviews and emails exchanges

  8. Student will submit Final Version of the Thesis to the assigned RCST Faculty Professor

  9. The primary Supervisor and at least one co-supervisor (an expert in the topic) will grade the Thesis

  10. Oral Defense of the Thesis in the presence of the Thesis Director and Subject Experts

  11. The "Academic Thesis Grade Form" containing the grade (and comments) assigned to the student will be sent by the Thesis Supervisor to Director of Graduate Programs

  12. Thesis upload in Database - after successful defense of the Thesis, the Supervisor and Head of Department may approved the upload of Final Version in the RCST Research Database



Students enrolled at RCST Rockfield College of Sciences and Technology are expected to comply with the University's Rules and Regulations including all aspect of academic and administration matters pertaining to the study programs. RCST upholds the integrity of our academic activities and the sanctity of academic honesty, therefore RCST will not tolerate any Fraudulent Behaviour from students and mentors and will investigate all instances of suspected fraud.  Please contact Student Services Offices to discuss how we can help you, and get immediate assistance on all related academic matters







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